12 wines in 375ml bottle from wine made at Whole Hearted Winery.

Themed Christmas Labels on each bottle.

This year’s theme is “Timeless Christmas”

Limited Quantity!


Wines include:

Peach Chardonnay – Sweet white wine that bursts with fresh peach flavor 13% ABV


Symphony – Dry white wine in the styling of a Chardonnay or Dry Riesling 13% ABV


Disco Rose’ – Off Dry Rose’ infused with edible glitter that has a grapefruit finish.  Gently shake the wine to stir the glitter back into the wine before serving 13% ABV


Gingerbread Cookie Dessert Wine – 12 Wines of Christmas exclusive. A sweet dessert wine that has a soft Gingerbread Cookie flavor 18% ABV.  This is a small batch that will be released after Thanksgiving!


Crushed – blend of white and red cranberry wines.  Its not red, it’s not white, it’s crushed.  13% ABV.  Add vodka for an instant Cosmopolitan


Black and Blue – blackberry and blueberry blend that make a smooth, sweet wine 13% ABV


Pina Colada – pineapple and coconut create a vacation in a bottle 13% ABV.  Perfect for adding rum as well!


Monkey Bussiness – fun limited edition Dry red wine that is an even blend of 7 Chilean grapes with High Tannins 13.5% ABV. This is a small batch that will be released after Thanksgiving. (yes, we spelled BUSSINESS wrong on purpose).


Washington Cabernet Sauvignon – OOOOPS!  The Elves messed up. This is actually the Whiskey Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon, NOT the Washington Cabernet.  Sorry.  A great Dry red wine that was aged in Whiskey Barrel oak 14.5% ABV


Muscato – Semi Sweet white wine that was made from the Muscat grape.  13% ABV


4 Hearts – Our Driest full bodied red wine with high tannin structure 15% ABV


Caramel Apple – Sweet candy apple red wine with crisp apple front and soft caramel finish 13% ABV