Comedian Bios' for June 26th

Alana Gonzalez

Dearborn Heights-based comedian Alana Gonzalez has performed on stages across the country. 

Alana possesses likable and relatable takes on the downsides of parenting, relationships, chivalry, and being a woman in 2021. Her sarcasm and devilish wit are a hit with all types of audiences

Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison was born and raised in the Detroit area. Bill’s humor comes from his experiences as a husband and father and in dealing with the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Bill’s lifetime of bottled up frustrations come out in a torrent of emotions that allows others to release their angst, vicariously through him. Bill is no doctor but laughing along with him might just make your day.

Billy Reno

All his life Billy Reno has been told he should be a stand up comedian and one day he agreed. The first time he stepped on stage and got a laugh he was hooked. Since starting on a journey in stand up, Billy quickly became a club favorite at such notable clubs like Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, Big Tommy’s Comedy Club, and The Holly Hotel. He has traveled the Country using his affable charm and quick wit to delight audiences young and old. As well as being a talented voiceover he has performed at Laughfest,was a Semi Finalist at The Border City Comedy Festival and has played Clubs and Bars all over the Country which has allowed him to feel comfortable in any setting.

Brett Solferino

BRETT SOLFERINO. There is much question as to who the man is behind the mustache. A man of mystery, a man of mettle, and a man of love. As a comedian, musician, actor and possessor of the finest mustache this side of Snidley Whiplash, he seeks to deliver the world a most voluminous amount of good vibes in all his work. As Guitarist/Frontman of the band ‘Running Yellows’, guitarist of ‘Stage Drive’, actor and stand up comedian (has opened for Matt Mclowry and Zach Martina) Brett Solferino certainly keeps the work load high.

Cody Calebra

Cody Calebra

Diego Attanasio

Diego Attanasio is a Detroit based comedian originally from Peru who quickly wins over crowds with his quick wit, likability, and sarcastic observations. His rapid-fire delivery and onstage charisma make Diego one of the most notable acts in the midwest.

Diego has performed stand-up in Alaska, Hawaii, and everywhere in between. He was a semi-finalist in the San Diego Comedy Fest and a finalist in the Laugh Your Bluegrass Off Comedy Fest. Additionally, Diego performed at over 15 comedy festivals including the Cleveland Comedy Fest, Memphis Comedy Fest, and Idaho Laugh Fest. Diego has featured for Tig Notaro, Robert Kelly, Chris Porter, Christopher Titus, Matt Braunger, and Joe List.

Jason Fylan-Mares

Jason Fylan-Mares is the founder and CEO of Doomsday Shelter Comedy for Mental Health, a multi-platform self-help agency born in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. During his two years in comedy, Jason has opened for J. Chris Newberg, Matt McClowry, and Bill Bushart, and will host Mary Mack at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle September 16th – 18th

Jon House

Jon Houser is quickly becoming a crowd favorite on stages across the country. Through unique insights and hilarious observations, he brings you to a place of humorous reflection and honesty. His fast paced, energetic, upbeat style makes him a hit at comedy clubs, bars, and charity events, including the Funny Bone Comedy Club, The American Legion, Bonkerz Comedy Club, and many more!! You won’t want to miss an opportunity to see this bright new face of comedy!!

Matt Conn

Matt Conn with a witty goofball style he was a finalist in Comedy Castles Det to LA contest

Steve Hansen

Steve Hansen comedy style is sharp-tongued, often dark, and frequently self-deprecating. He draws on his experiences growing up as a child of baby boomers in the 70s. He looks for the humor in life’s frustrations and traumas. Steve’s ideal joke is one that makes you laugh . . . and then ashamed for laughing. Steve is a co-founder of the Lighten Up Comedy Show and companion podcast.

And..... Sara Young