With 1,000 of wines and hundreds of wineries in the market you can waste a lot of time and Money only to end up with bad wine.  Whole Hearted Winery Provides great market tested wines at great prices.  We provide guided tastings to help you find wines you love and save $.  All while supporting your community with $1 dollar from every bottle purchased. 

      Since 2012 we went on a quest to mystify wine.  We made 1,000’s of bottles of wine from every grape varietal from dozens of grapes suppliers.  Performed tastings and market research with hundreds of people. Comparing the wines side by side at different ages. Discovering there are several types of wine drinkers and that certain wines that fit the full spectrum. We took all that feedback and narrowed it down to a great spectrum of wines, from sweet to dry and everything in between.  We were also able to learn how to explain the characteristics of these wines simply.  You will easily be educated and find great wines that fit you! All while making a difference in the community

      In 2010 Dan and Brenda started Giving 360.   They have connected with several large retailers and pick up any clearance and returned items and give it away for FREE to people in need or to people that just need a little help with a tight budget.  All we ask is that they pay it forward in the world.  With the consistent help of countless volunteers over the years, 1,000’s op people have been helped with millions of dollars worth of items given away for free.  Continuing this mission to this day, $1 from every bottle sold supports this cause.  Find out more